Gambling-Affiliation review

Gambling-Affiliation has a wide offers of Sportsbooks, Casinos, Trading campaigns. The big advantage of using a network like Gambling-Affiliation, is that you’ll use a single website where for:

  • checking all results – clicks, impressions, CPA, Revenue Share, etc
  • collecting all commissions to one single account, so always reaching the minimum payout amount of 100 euro
  • accessing all marketing materials – links, banners.

Trust me, once you start promoting a high number of brands, it’s very convenient to use one single website for all points mentioned above. You won’t need 15 logins to affiliate programs to check your results, place new banners, ask to be paid.

Gambling-Affiliation offers different kinds of deals:

  1. CPA – Cost Per Acquisition. All T&Cs to get the CPA validated are mentioned for each campaign
  2. Revenue Share
  3. Revenue Share no negative carry over

The only small disadvantage is that there are no Hybrid deals. But, well, nothing’s perfect!

On top of commissions, Affiliates will collect points towards a VIP programs: based on points collected, you’ll be able to claim Amazon Vouchers of 20, 50 or 100 euro.

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