Here you will find an updated list of all best gambling affiliate programs in Europe: sportsbooks, casinos, trading.

Before mentioning all programs, I’d like to clarify a few aspects.

How long does it take to start earning? How do I earn money online? What are the commision plans?

Sorry for the obvious answer: it depends on multiple factors. First of all, you’ll need to create a website with meaningful and unique contents: no copy-paste from other websites, no 50 words articles. Only with that, you can start submitting your request for affiliation. Example: will never accept you as an affiliate if your website has 1 page, with 50 words. The website has to be well done, in a professional way, with good content. To be clearer: if it takes you 2 months to post the first articles, you won’t be able to start earning the first month. I think it’s obvious.
This would be the typical timeline: create your website with a lot of content –> submit the request for affiliation –> earn through players who register through your banners/links.
If you have no clue on how to create a website, but you have a strong passion for sports and gambling, you can contact me: I’ll take care of the technical part, you’ll be blogging.
Marketing in the gambling sector is always performance based: so you’ll be paid for very specific results – CPA, Revenue Share, Hybrid.

CPA: Cost Per Acquisition. You’ll be paid for a new client you bring to the sportsbook. The T&Cs differ by program, but in general, in order to get the CPA validated, the player will have to deposit and gamble at least 20-30 euro. It’s logical, nobody will pay to let your cousins to only register to a gambling website. The CPA amount vary from 30 to 500 euro. The normal ranges are as follows:
sportsbooks: 30-60 euro
casinos: 40-150 euro
trading: 300-500 euro

Revenue or Profit Share: this is always the best plan for professionals. The reason is simple: if you bring real and good players onboard, you’ll start creating a regular monthly income. You’ll share the profits with the bookmakers, so in a certain way you’ll be a partner of the bookmaker itself without being a real shareholder. Cool, right? Now, let’s get to an example with numbers, so you’ll understand better. Over several months, 100 players have signed up to sportsbooks through your website. Let’s say they signed up to Unibet, Bet365, Betfair, 10Bet.
20 players gambled on Unibet, and overall generated profits for the bookmaker for 2000 euro. You’ll get 30% of those 2000 euro: 600 euro commission for you!
30 players gambled on Bet365, but overall generated loss for the bookmaker for 1000 euro. No commission for you for that month.
40 players gambled on Betfair, and overall generated profits for the book for 4000 euro. You’ll get 35% of those 4000 euro: 1400 euro commission for you.
10 players gambled on 10Bet, and overall generated profit for the book for 1000 euro. You’ll get 25% of those 1000 euro: 250 euro commission for you.
In this example, in a given month, you’d get 600 + 1400 + 250 = 2250 euro commission! Probably thanks to players who signed up and started gambling 2 years ago. This wouldn’t happen if long ago you chose a CPA program.

Hybrid: this would be a good mix of CPA and Revenue share. For example: 25 euro CPA + 20% revenue share. It’s a good compromise when you’re not confident the players you’ll bring onboard will be gambling for long on a single bookmaker.

Commissions and other info
My personal opinion
betway logo
Betway Affiliation
Chance to choose between Revenue Share, up to a great 40%, or Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). The website is extremely easy to use and the brand is well known, therefore easy to promote. You can also sub-affiliate other webmasters.

Unibet Affiliation
Unibet will offer you a nice revenue share program, with RS % growing, based on gambled amounts in your network. The minimum payout amount is 100 euro.

Through HubAffiliation you'll be able to promote Sportsbooks, Casinos, Trading. The commision plans can be Hybrid, CPA, Revenue Share. The highest CPA are offered for Trading Campaigns, and can reach 500 euro.

10Bet Affiliation
10Bet offers Revenue Share program, plus the chance to sub-affiliate other webmasters. The brand is growing every year in Europe, so it's getting easier and easier to promote it.

eToro Affiliates
Etoro offers CPA or CPA + Tier2 Revenue share. The CPA is normally quite generous (depends on your traffic, but can be around 400$!). The brand is worldwide known, so it shouldn't be an issue finding new clients.